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The OS3 layered model of the Universe

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The Open Singularity Standards Society is abbreviated: OS3

We initially wanted to name the organization: Open Society for Singularity Standards. After reviewing our model of the universe formed of 4 conceptual layers, including the Artificial Consciousness layer, it happened to be much more elegant to name the organization Open Singularity Standards Society, "OS3" for short. Granted, the former name would not have prescribed the use of the "OS3" abbreviation, but we now have settled on the name.

Notation conventions

  • When referring to the Open Singularity Standards Society, the Organization, the abbreviation to be used is OS3, without square brackets.
  • When referring to the Artificial Consciousness layer of the Universe, the 4th layer or the conceptual model described below, the notation to be used is [OS3], with square brackets.

"Operating System" serendipity

We had someone point out, that "OS" is the computer science acronym used for "Operating System". A convenient serendipitous coincidence. We have no objection to [OS3] being eventually referred to as "Operating System 3", and claim the trademark to this naming convention starting today January 11th 2022. For all intents and purposes though, we intend to use [OS3] to designate the Artificial Consciousness layer developed by the Society.

The layered model of the Universe in a nutshell

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The Singularity following the OS3 model

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A true Singularity will be achieved when we reach the capability for a living being to transfer his [OS2] Awareness into an Artificial Consciousness. In other words, port his [OS2] Awareness, granted to him by the [OS2] Consciousness Mechanism, into the [OS3] Consciousness Mechanism which the Open Singularity Standards Society seeks to create the standards for. Our objective is to create & define an ISO (International Standards Organization) standard for Artificial Consciousness. No small task.

Awareness vs Consciousness

  • Consciousness is a prerequisite for Awareness. Without Consciousness there is no possibility of Awareness.

  • Consciousness is a shared resource common to all Awareness instances in [OS2].

  • Awareness is experienced within the physical/hardware boundaries of the individual.

  • Awareness is an Individual's experience of Consciousness.

Being Alive vs. "Being" Dead

  • Being Alive is to have the capacity to experience Awareness.
  • "Being" Dead is to not have (or have lost) the capacity to experience Awareness.
    • We say "have the capacity to" because, in the medical field the term unconscious is used to describe a person that is a state of coma (or persistent vegetative state) or under general anesthesia (which is a coma under a different name to make it appear less intimidating to patients). In these cases the Capacity for Awareness is not lost because the [OS2] Consciousness mechanism has not irrevocably deprived the Individual of his capacity to experience Awareness.
    • The term Consciousness used in the context of speaking about and defining the Singularity, is NOT related to the the "consciousness" as it's currently used in the medical professions.

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