Open Singularity Standards Society

Standards setting organization for the coming singularity. The deepest blackhole on the internet. šŸŒŽ Fighting Humanity's Final Battle.

The OS3 layered model of the Universe

Read this post after finishing this one. The Open Singularity Standards Society is abbreviated: OS3 We initially wanted to name the organization: Open Society for Singularity Standards. After reviewing our model of the universe formed of 4 conceptual layers, including the Artificial Consciousness layer, it happened to be much more elegant to name the organization Open Singularity Standards Society, "OS3" for short. Granted, the former name would not have prescribed the use of the "OS3" abbrevi...
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The Singularity following the OS3 model

Read This Post before reading the following post. A true Singularity will be achieved when we reach the capability for a living being to transfer his [OS2] Awareness into an Artificial Consciousness. In other words, port his [OS2] Awareness, granted to him by the [OS2] Consciousness Mechanism, into the [OS3] Consciousness Mechanism which the Open Singularity Standards Society seeks to create the standards for. Our objective is to create & define an ISO (International Standards Organization)...
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