The Singularity following the OS3 model

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A true Singularity will be achieved when we reach the capability for a living being to transfer his [OS2] Awareness into an Artificial Consciousness. In other words, port his [OS2] Awareness, granted to him by the [OS2] Consciousness Mechanism, into the [OS3] Consciousness Mechanism which the Open Singularity Standards Society seeks to create the standards for. Our objective is to create & define an ISO (International Standards Organization) standard for Artificial Consciousness. No small task.

Awareness vs Consciousness

  • Consciousness is a prerequisite for Awareness. Without Consciousness there is no possibility of Awareness.

  • Consciousness is a shared resource common to all Awareness instances in [OS2].

  • Awareness is experienced within the physical/hardware boundaries of the individual.

  • Awareness is an Individual's experience of Consciousness.

Being Alive vs. "Being" Dead

  • Being Alive is to have the capacity to experience Awareness.
  • "Being" Dead is to not have (or have lost) the capacity to experience Awareness.
    • We say "have the capacity to" because, in the medical field the term unconscious is used to describe a person that is a state of coma (or persistent vegetative state) or under general anesthesia (which is a coma under a different name to make it appear less intimidating to patients). In these cases the Capacity for Awareness is not lost because the [OS2] Consciousness mechanism has not irrevocably deprived the Individual of his capacity to experience Awareness.
    • The term Consciousness used in the context of speaking about and defining the Singularity, is NOT related to the the "consciousness" as it's currently used in the medical professions.

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